Company Profile


Success International (Pte) Ltd. established in 1999 is a leading Exporter of Auto Air-Conditioning products and has a strong presence in international market such as U.S.A., Europe, Middle East & Asia. We are one of the Major Suppliers of after market.

We have the number of employees with the global experience of export, marketing and technical expertise. Success International is successful in developing and supplying according to the customers’ specified requirements.

The company has a wide range of auto air-con products, such as Condenser, Compressors, Coils, Driers, Expansion Valves, Block Valves, Hoses, Fans, Refrigerant Gases, Customized units, Switches, Thermostat, Fittings and other accessories for the European, American, Japanese, Korean cars model since 1980.

The company’s commitment is to provide the quality products with the fastest delivery in a very short lead time. Our products have been proven to be of high quality. Due to our efficiency, we are successful to achieve the satisfaction & reliability from our customers.